Dr. Mann's La Verne Symphony Orchestra Page

About the La Verne Symphony Orchestra

(from the University of La Verne Website)

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra is an exciting, dynamic group of students and community musicians working together to bring symphonic music to the City of La Verne. They cultivate dedication, focus, and a true knowledge of what it means to play music in an orchestra, with an emphasis on a firm foundation in music reading, rhythm, ensemble cohesiveness, and stylistic interpretation. 

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra works to create an inspiring, cooperative, and educational environment where students and community members come together to study and perform quality music written by composers from all over the world, fostering the spirit of understanding, discovery, and commitment for the enrichment of themselves and their audiences. Attributes: ACAE Creative/Artistic Expr, GEFAb Fine Arts Experiential

MORE about LVSO:

The orchestra is an inter-generational ensemble with a 60+ year age range of our members. We welcome any musician, beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, high school age or older. We pride ourselves on providing an environment for people of diverse backgrounds and ages to collaborate together and learn from each other. We are a cultural center for the community with composers, working and retired college professors, professional, student, and recreational musicians all participating in the orchestra. This rich fabric of diversity enriches the lives of our members and of our audiences. Musicians are encouraged to contribute input and to actively participate in the musical life of the orchestra.