TVJYS and TVYS Concert Video - May 2024

Temecula Valley Youth Symphony

Dr. Mann is the conductor of the- Temecula Valley Youth Symphony  Summer Orchestra, and of the Temecula Valley  Junior Youth Symphony during the regular season.. 

Current Events - Our Summer Orchestra is in session!

TVYS 2024 Summer Session 


  • Mondays June 10th through July 29th from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.  (No rehearsal July 1st)
  • Murrieta Springs Seventh-Day Adventist Church 
    32477 Starbuck Circle 
    Murrieta, CA 92562


Staff - summer orchestra: 

  • TVYS Summer Orchestra and TVJYS Conductor:  Dr. Sylvia Lee Mann
    Manager and Woodwind Coach Manager: Shelby Huber 


Staff - Regular season

  • TVYS Conductor: Dr. Zun-Hin Woo
  • TVJYS Conductor:  Dr. Sylvia Lee Mann
  • Manager and Woodwind Coach Manager: Shelby Huber 

Contact Info: 


TVYS Mission Statement 

  • The purpose of Temecula Valley Youth Symphony is to enrich the lives of student musicians with outstanding educational and performance opportunities for all levels, in a nurturing and challenging environment without discrimination. Working together with parents, private and school music instructors, TVYS will provide the finest possible training with rehearsal and performance opportunities to enable the students to develop, share and further enrich their lives through the power of music. TVYS believes that music is proven to enhance student performance in all academic areas. 
  • Dr. Mann's group - the Junior Youth Symphony, is an Intermediate Orchestra for strings, winds, brass and percussion players. Emphasis is placed on orchestral performance skills, musicianship, ensemble technique and repertoire building. 

 Some Student - Teacher Resources from Dr. Mann 

  • A quick reminder:Always bring your music and your PENCIL to rehearsal. 
  • Practice Routine: 
  • Remember - practice the scale for each piece before you play the piece. 
  • Check the sections that give you trouble - practice them slowly first, then gradually speed up to the performance tempo. Be patient with yourself! It might take several tries to get "up to speed" 
  • Ask you private teacher for fingerings! 
  • Use the recordings  (below and on our video page) to listen and understand how your part fits into each piece! 
  • Here is some of our current music list with audio or video demos! These videos may help you when practicing.  A tip - on YouTube, you can use the settings to have the video play at a slower speed - which can be really helpful!

HIGHLY recommended resource for students, teachers, and pros! "Practice to performance" - by Elizabeth O'Bannon (AKA "Vera Violin")

Video Examples - play along and practice!

Ode To Joy for Two Violins and PIano


Pirates of the Caribbean - Listen and play along…


Pirates of the Caribbean - with score to follow!


Renaissance Suite - Follow the score!


DARK ADVENTURE - Live Performance!



Peter Gunn - Follow the score!



Past Concert Videos from TVJYS and TVYS